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Time of your life – This moment right now, is the time of your life. Your life is not yesterday or tomorrow. Right now is your truth and your experience. Appreciate it.

Songs to sing – Every single living thing in this world has songs to sing. Regardless of appearance or situation, every living thing has a singing heart. Every heart sings eternal songs that make it unique.

Amazing twists – Life is not a straight line. It is an unpredictable twisting and turning unseen path. Drop your expectations and look for amazing twists.

Peace amidst the mayhem – It’s a crazy jungle out there. It’s easy to get lost. But there’s always peace amidst the mayhem. Just look into your heart.

Songs of happiness – The chaotic world surrounds. Its a conflicting cacophony of sounds. But if I take the time to stop and listen, my heart always sings songs of happiness.

Freedom to sing – You don’t need permission, every moment of your days you have the freedom to sing. Take advantage of it.

Simple joys – It’s not the things I can buy that bring me satisfaction. Nor is it the people I know or the places I’ve been. It’s the simple joys of daily living that make life so dynamic.

Sweetest days – The sweetest days weren’t a long time past. Nor are they sometime in the future. You are living them now. It’s up to you to make today your sweetest day.

The beat goes on – The beat goes on, the rhythm never stops, the pulse of life never rests. Wave after wave of change forever reaches the shores.