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Wonders Surround

Wonders Surround – Acrylic on Canvas – 600x1800mm

Don’t let your mind fall into the doom and gloom of the swamp of negativity.
You are surrounded by wonders, simple joys and delights that are so easy to overlook.
If you are in doubt, listen to your intuition and like a bolt of lightning, its honesty will shoot through the clouds of doubt bringing light into the muddled darkness of your mind.
Wonders surround, just take the time to look.
Wonders Surround

Marvellous McKenzies Beach

Marvellous McKenzies Beach – 1200 x900mm – Acrylic on canvas – 1800x600mm

Marvellous McKenzies Beach - 1200x900mm Acrylic on canvas

Marvellous McKenzies Beach – 1200x900mm Acrylic on canvas

Dancing through the mist

Dancing through the Mist – 1800x600mm -Acrylic on canvas

Life is not always a clear pathway. Sometimes doubts and uncertainties cloud your path. This is all a part of any journey, the road goes up and down, left and right, it’s normal. Don’t let your fears spoil your days, instead, dance through the mist. Trust your own heart to lead you to where you want to be. The vagueness will dissolve into nothing when the sun rises and you feel positive again. Don’t be fooled by appearances, your intuition is always bursting like the morning sun, eager to lighten your path and to see you always, dancing through the mist.Dancing through the mist

The Love of my Life

The Love of my Life – 1800x600mm – Acrylic on canvas

If you were to strip away all of the mundane and monotonous things you do in your day, what would you be left with? If you could see through the mad maze of busyness that you have built around you, what would you see? You would see only those that you love. You would treasure the love of your life. You would see only the things that have value to you. Most only experience this at moments of extreme trauma. You don’t need such a stimulant. Look around now and appreciate the love in your life. It will help you see more clearly.
The love of my life

The heart is free to play

The Heart is Free to Play – 1800x900mm – Acrylic on canvas

You mind is full of doubts and fears. It is a swirling mish-mash of rules, regulations and restrictions. Since birth you have been bombarded with reasons why not. Constantly you are given more limitations and more bad news. Negativity seems to be the way of the world but it is not all dark and gloomy. You have an intuition, a true and vibrant heart. This heart is always clear, clean and keen to give you all of the help you could ever seek. Your heart is always free to play. Don’t let your head get in the way.
The heart is free to play

Depth of Beauty

Depth of Beauty – 1800x600mm – Acrylic on canvas

True beauty cannot be portrayed by the media. True beauty cannot bought in a bottle or purchased from a surgeon. True beauty is an expression of the heart, not a formula for success. Beauty is not a trickle on the surface, it is a roaring river that runs deep. There is a true depth of beauty that cannot be copied, created or manufactured. The depth of beauty in your heart is something that can only be experienced, very personally. Your own depth of beauty is overwhelming. That is, if you care to look into it.
Depth of beauty

My Heart Dances

My Heart Dances – 1800x900mm – Acrylic on canvas

I am surrounded by beauty. I see wonder and marvel everywhere. When the sun rising or a storm building and even on a clear day, I am mesmerised by the grand spectacle of every day events. The leaves in the trees rustle and the birds sing as they surf the breezes. This world makes my heart dance and my mind wonder. Perhaps I am also a beautiful wonder but I can’t quite see through the doubting mists in my own mind. My heart dances at the very thought.

My heart dances

Thrilling Adventures

Thrilling Adventures – 1800x900mm – Acrylic on canvas

It’s too easy to fear the waves and the crashing sea. You step back from the shore, afraid for a moment that you might be pummelled by a rogue wave. But usually nothing happens, it’s all in your mind. Your life is in your head. Your personal perspective colours your world. Instead of backing off at the unpredictable events that come your way, stand straight and face them boldly as if they are thrilling adventures. Walk through the storms like a hero and watch the fear of the unknown turn into the fun of the challenge!

Thrilling adventures

Symphony of Wonder

Symphony of Wonder – 1800x600mm – Acrylic on canvas

There is pattern and form in every tiny aspect of life. Amidst the fiercest desert storms, within the most spectacular waterfalls and hidden in the tiniest grain of sand, there is pattern and form. It is a symphony of wonder. Your life is a pattern, built upon your hidden but true heart. Your intuition is the silent cause that moulded your unique personality around its own form. Trouble is, you lose it all and become a chaotic mess when your emotions take over. Don’t give it all away to your crazy emotional ego. Don’t separate yourself from the symphony of wonder.

Symphony of wonder