Art is no longer Available. Colin has retired to somewhere near Ballarat.

Thundering surprises – Surprises can jolt you out of your comfortable environment and throw you into the unknown. These unexpected wonders can bring sudden positive change to a stale environment. Look for thundering surprises, they contain opportunities for wonderful changes that you would otherwise ignore. The storm brings lightning, but it also brings refreshing and vital rains.

Aware of the heart – Sometimes when you stop and let yourself be immersed in the silence of simplicity, You suddenly become aware of the heart. In that moment you realize nothing else matters but what is dear to the heart. If you could always hold that understanding in your mind how much would your values change?

Serenity awaits – Thunder rolls and lightning flashes but still, serenity awaits. Problems come and catastrophes go but still serenity awaits. There is chaos and confusion, misunderstandings and illusions but still serenity awaits. Serenity is always in your heart.

Extravagant Dreams – The world is your plaything. You are the dynamic result of your own thoughts. Everything before you twists and turns according to your thoughts. Let yourself have extravagant dreams. Dare to think beyond your daily life. Then you be ready for an extravagant life.

To the heart be true – The sea has no pretenses, it has no reason for vanity or show. The sea is simply what it is, a watery moving mass, swaying and rolling around the earth. It gives nothing and takes nothing, yet it is a carrier of life beyond measure. That is its heart, the watery carrier of life. It does nothing to be this, yet it cannot help but be this. To its essence it is ever true. To your heart be true, you have no reason to listen to your ego.