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Art Available – updated 28 July 2016

You are never alone – You might imagine at times that you are alone. You might think that you are the solitary cloud in the sky. But it’s all in your mind. You are ever a part of the whole. You are everything you observe, experience and think about. Just as the cloud is part of the sky and the wave a part of the sea. You are never alone, it’s just your imagination.

The heart of mystery – The heart of mystery is the lightness of being. It is the simplicity of truthfulness. It is the beauty of naturalness and the wonder of trust. Peace, beauty, integrity, love and goodness are all at the heart of mystery. Yet they are all obvious.

The strongest wave in the world. – The strongest wave in the world is not powerful nor is it overwhelming in its grandeur. Neither is it uncalled for or unnatural. The strongest wave in the world is the wave of change. Change, no matter how great or how small, is unstoppable. Change is the essence of life. You are forever free to start again to ride the new wave of change. You are never in a hopeless position because change is always immanent. Don’t fight the wave of constant change, ride it and enjoy a new vista of life.

To the heart be true – The sea has no pretenses, it has no reason for vanity or show. The sea is simply what it is, a watery moving mass, swaying and rolling around the earth. It gives nothing and takes nothing, yet it is a carrier of life beyond measure. That is its heart, the watery carrier of life. It does nothing to be this, yet it cannot help but be this. To its essence it is ever true. To your heart be true, you have no reason to listen to your ego.