View all artwork at the Colin Perini Gallery in the Watchtower Arcade, Mogo NSW.

Colin Perini Gallery

Colin Perini is a world-renowned Australian artist. He lives on the South Coast right opposite the beach at Malua Bay, NSW.
He paints seascapes with a passion for peace and beauty. This stands out as the theme in all of his work. He has exhibited in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and New York Galleries.

He has sold over 3500 paintings, seascapes and landscapes, and his work hangs in over 26 countries. Colin has worked full-time as an artist for over 35 years. Prior to painting seascapes, he worked as a quick portrait artist for 16 years.

In his own words: “The sea is a constantly changing dance of colour and passion. Each painting expresses one moment during it’s unpredictable expression. Even in the most wild of seas, beneath the passion of the moment, I see a heart of peace and beauty and this is what I paint.” Colin Perini – Professional Australian seascape artist and landscape artist.

The Art of Peace and Beauty

Peace and beauty, the serene dream, the comforting moment, the perfect timing, the ideal solution, the satisfying relationship.
They go together naturally, like sky and clouds, flowers and sunshine, smiles and laughter.
The art of peace and beauty is the art of living well, there is no horizon, no limit, no ending to its glory.
There is always more, always another facet of this secret diamond, hidden in the heart of life, seek it where ever you travel.
It is there in the darkest moments, waiting to be found.
It is there in the sweetest songs and the most outrageous times of your life.
Peace and beauty, the art of living from the heart.

Art available now РAcrylic on Canvas - Updated 9 April 2014


1800 x 600mm – AUD $975

Perfect size for across the top of your bed, along the sideboard or above your TV.

Symphony of wonderThe love of my lifeAdventures of the heart
love to play_Ldreamy daysDepth of beautySerenity songs

Summer laughterI love to playStraight to the heart


1200 x 900mm – AUD $875

kiss of summerthe many levels of lovesweet expectationstremendous pleasureCourageous adventuresexciting adventuresour love is free to flythe heart of beautyExciting possibilities

1800 x 900mm – AUD $1475

Colin Perini

Pleasant dreams fulfilled Mystery and wondersLaughter and happiness Laughter in the stormJewells in my dreamsSerene hearts

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